CITY OPERA's orchestra performed this fall in multiple stadiums around the U.S. in support of famed singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy-award winner, Marco Antonio Solis! Mr. Solis was the headlining act in a triple-bill — the worldwide GIGANT3S Tour — which also featured other Latin Grammy winners, such as Marc Anthony, and Chayanne.  Marco Antonio's music and voice inspires stadium-sized audiences — 20,000 or more fans at a time — to get on their feet and dance! Affectionately hailed as El Majestad ("His Majesty") in his homeland of Mexico, Mr. Solis is widely considered one of the greatest and most romantic Latin balladeers of all time. 

Look for CITY OPERA on stage with Mr. Solis at...
  • MIAMI, FL (American Airlines Arena)--AUG 3
  • MIAMI, FL (American Airlines Arena)--AUG 3 
  • ORLANDO, FL (Amway Arena)--AUG 5 
  • LITTLE ROCK, AK (Venue TBD)--AUG 18 
  • CHICAGO, IL (Allstate Arena)--AUG 19 
  • ANAHEIM, CA (Honda Arena)--AUG 24 
  • SAN JOSE, CA (HP Arena)--AUG 26 
  • McALLEN, TX (Dodge Arena)--AUG 31 
  • HOUSTON, TX (Toyota Arena)--SEP 1 
  • DALLAS, TX (American Airlines Arena)--SEP 2 
  • LOREDO, TX (Loredo Entertainment Ctr.)--SEP 7 
  • SAN ANTONIO, TX (ATT Center)--SEP 8 
  • EL PASO, TX (UTEP)--SEP 9 
  • LAS VEGAS, NV (Mandalay Bay)--SEP 14 
  • SAN DIEGO, CA (Harrah's Casino)--SEP 15 
Learn more and buy tickets at



CITY OPERA was founded with the primary mission of preparing the next generation of great artists.  Are you a school administrator, teacher, or parent? CITY OPERA is enthusiastically dedicated to the future of music in the lives of your students. If your school is in one of the cities we're touring in, connect with us. We deliver some of the most exciting edutainment programs in the U.S. Last year's partner included Big Thought. Based in Dallas, Big Thought is one of the leading arts education consortia in the nation.


Are you a business owner, marketing executive, or event planner? Some of our most successful community partners include retailers or other corporate stakeholders. Case Study: Recently, CITY OPERA partnered with Estée Lauder & MAC Cosmetics to provide special support for multiple engagement marketing events promoting their newest product line — a Scottish and tartan-inspired palette of eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss.  CITY OPERA delivered electrifying performances at select retail locations for MAC everywhere from Riverside, to Irvine, to Valenica...multiple sites at once! No other performing arts company in Southern California has ever visited so many locations at the same time! MAC stores participating in this event-based engagement marketing saw significant surges in their sales. Nothing draws a crowd like inventive and interactive performances!  If you are a business seeking a game-changing customer engagement strategy, connect with CITY OPERA, and we'll show you how the arts can turbocharge your marketing, rocket you to sales fame, and serve as one of the greatest attractants of new business your company has ever enjoyed. 



We can't give you all the details yet, but rest assured CITY OPERA will still provide the same superior and innovative performances and creative services, just as it has done for nearly a decade.  CONCERT TALENT better reflects the diversity of our worldwide mission to provide outstanding corporate entertainment, family "edutainment", 360-degree talent management and logistic support for major touring and recording artists, as well as other value-added creative services around the globe and in nearly every genre of live performing arts.


In the 2011-2012 season, CITY OPERA is...
  • employing and/or contracting 170 musicians, dancers, costumers, filmmakers, and creative professionals. 
  • employing staff managing 160 different classical, world music, and crossover concert events for CITY OPERA and our partner institutions. 
  • visiting 21 different cities. 
  • entertaining audiences from 200 kids up to 20,000 adults. 
  • working in every conceivable type of venue: from elementary school "cafetoriums", to retail outlets, to colossal stadiums and arenas across the country like L.A. Live's Nokia Theater, Mandalay Bay in Vegas, the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and the Poncherterain Center in New Orleans, as well as many others—35 different venues in all! 

CITY OPERA is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic and eclectic presenters and producers of live music and dance on the West Coast!

Here's a sampling of some of our local favorites...

Celebrating cultural diversity in the workplace, the illustrious divas Sonia Santos and Ana Gazzola of Brasil Brazil wow Sempra Energy employees starting at the beautiful Gas Company Tower downtown, and follow with special concerts at Gas Company of Southern California locations throughout LA.


Los Angeles' premiere harp and flute duet, performing Latin classics alongside compelling visual imagery everywhere from the Rafael Room at the General Consulate of Mexico, the Museum of Latin American Art, the Norton Simon Museum, to many others. 


Perhaps the only fully choreographed chamber orchestra in the world, this youthful ensemble—conducted by maestro Arturo Solar — charges stadiums with the infectious energy and romanticism of Latin pop classics. Performing this season in stadium venues throughout the nation alongside Latin megastars Marco Antonio Solis, Joan Sebastian, and Alejandro Fernandez. 


City Opera artists are available for select special events for your product launch or other engagement marketing campaigns. Whether you're looking for edgy Scottish punk rock fiddlers, a beautiful Chinese gu zheng player, multiple symphonic orchestras, or electrifying dancers, City Opera works with a deep and diverse pool of talented artists based all across the nation. We specialize in making your events unforgettably wonderful experiences for your customers and employees. We're fully equipped to not only deliver exceptional talent, but to assist you in the design and the execution of unique, logistically complex, and wildly creative live productions and their simultaneous staging in multiple cities across the U.S. Whether you're based in New York or Los Angeles or any point in between, let us help you deliver a game-changing, buzzworthy marketing experience that makes you and your team look like rockstars!



CITY OPERA Moves You with Music and Dance from Around the Globe! 

CITY OPERA takes education seriously--that is, as serious fun! We're home to some of the most amazing dancers on the planet, and regularly present fantastic music and dance community engagement programs throughout Southern California and across the U.S. We believe in edutainment that inspires, engages, and connects with the imaginations of students and adults alike through wildly creative multisensory presentations and storytelling. Ballet, Flamenco, Capoeira, Hip Hop, traditional Korean and African dance, and even symphonic orchestras that move and groove...the best in dance and movement is integral to what we do!

CITY OPERA presents World Adventure Day at Melrose Elementary

An unprecedented and highly interactive day of total cultural immersion greeted the students of Melrose Elementary as they joined the illustrious Dr. Romulus Delacroix on an unforgettable and eye-opening journey to the four corners of the globe. This special event transformed their campus into a real world adventure. With the guidance of some of LA's most notable musicians, parents, the school's students—passports in hand—were transported to exotic, new lands. Teachers, costumed by CITY OPERA in authentic native garb, officiated some of humanity's most enduring rites and rituals.

World-Famous Matador Trainer Coleman Cooney & Mojacar Flamenco

Destinations included a stopover in Europe to visit a Spanish Toreo de Salon (bullfighting academy) where CITY OPERA provided a genuine matador to teach students the death-defying ballet of challenging horns with a red capote, while other students participated in the hot-blooded and assertive gestures of flamenco dance. Continuing their travels to China, students enjoyed an elegant and authentic tea ceremony accompanied by the graceful and rhapsodic zither-like music of a gu zheng virtuoso. A short visit to a tipi on the Great Plains of North America brought them next to a crackling fire and the velvety tone of a wooden flute, where they learned about the evocative forward-thinking environmental ceremonies of the Lakota Sioux. The day ended in a small village in the West African nation of Cameroon where the invigorating and energizing rhythm of tribal drumming and communal dancing had everyone up on their feet and celebrating the commonalities of people all across our tiny world!



Since September 2011, CITY OPERA has partnered with Bravoflix! Bravoflix is America's premiere online venue for the arts, and features on-demand and live streaming music, poetry, theater, dance, classic film, and more! The first U.S. cultural destination of its kind on the web, Bravoflix is dedicated to presenting the audience-centric and diverse arts experiences that CITY OPERA produces. Now you can augment your enjoyment of live CITY OPERA events with our content available exclusively on Bravoflix.  As a friend of CITY OPERA, you are entitled to receive a free lifetime membership when you sign up for Bravoflix through Facebook before December 15 at this link here.  Check into this site frequently to see CITY OPERA is up to next, and to find out when we'll be broadcasting live on Bravoflix — the exciting new internet TV channel dedicated to the arts! 


How Multiple Providers can Impact Music Education for Children in Our Schools

CITY OPERA and Chamber Music in Historic Sites

"I have been an educator for 32 years and I have never seen a presentation of such high caliber. The musicians lit up the space with their dazzling melodies as they played their instruments and moved throughout the audience telling a story without words. The children were mesmerized and I was so pleased that they were able to understand and explicate the underlying themes."  Sonia Ugarte, Principal, Germain Elementary School

CITY OPERA teamed up with The Da Camera Society of Mount St. Mary's College (presenters of the critically acclaimed floating concert series, Chamber Music in Historic Sites) to present The Syrinx, CITY OPERA's first original educational production. The Syrinx redefines the musical outreach experience for young people with an immensely engaging and incredibly kinetic concert presentation that enchants kids and teachers alike. Based in part on the work of Joseph Campbell and fully choreographed by Mecca Andrews of Hysterica Dance Company (with additional movement consultation provided by the avante garde Osseus Labyrint's Hannah Sim), The Syrinx is a contemporary and living fable of a young girl who steps outside the drudgery of her daily routine and into a dream world of warring woodwind and string instrument tribes. With the help of some of L.A.'s very finest musicians, the story's heroine engaged and inspired students as she discovered how to reconcile the orchestra through her (and the school's!) latent talent of dance. 

This special performance was designed after an assessment of campus needs and extensive interviews with school administration, faculty, and students.  Designed specifically for a highly diverse, multicultural group of kindergarten through fifth grade students. CITY OPERA's purposeful and customized program delivery ignited student imaginations and—irregardless of their native tongue—inspired them to explore musical instruments as a means toward academic achievement.  It proved to be a powerful means toward recruiting and galvanizing student and parent interest in launching an instrumental music program.

CITY OPERA and The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

Working directly with the generous support of the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation while guiding the school's administration toward grant-seeking success, CITY OPERA delivered more than just inspiring and imaginative "edutainment" at Germain Elementary.  With coordinated support of all the school's stakeholders in place, Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation enabled the campus to receive string instruments in tandem with highly qualified instrumental music instruction provided by CITY OPERA. CITY OPERA's three-year residency on the campus of Germain Elementary enabled students to begin an instrumental music program during regular school hours and as part of their daily curriculum. 


CITY OPERA is a Member of the L.A. Arts Consortium

One of the very first participants in the L.A. Unified School District's Arts Community Partnership Network, and now a member of the L.A. Arts Consortium, CITY OPERA rolls-out new K-12 educational programs every academic year. Click here to learn more about how you can bring CITY OPERA to your school this year, and don't forget to take a look at our exciting line-up of professional concert artists, all of whom are available for outreach performances.

Here's just a small sample of some of the schools we've worked with...  
  • Germain Street Elementary  
  • Vena Elementary  
  • Theresa Hughes Elementary  
  • Arlington Heights Elementary  
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Charles Kim Elementary
  • Melrose Elementary
  • Ciagarroa Elementary
  • South Pasadena Middle School
  • Rosemont Middle School
...and many more!  It's not too late to add your school to the list! 


CITY OPERA opens for Mayor Villagairosa at the Los Angeles Convention Center

CITY OPERA's Brasil Brazil with Mayor Villaraigosa (standing center)

CITY OPERA kicked off L.A. City's 2006 "Congress of Neighborhoods". The event was sponsored by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and staged at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The company provided music just before Mayor Antonio Villagairosa's opening speech and served as the city's first official entertainment partner at this annual event. Brasil Brazil began the day on the main stage, and later, Arpa y Aulos provided music at the congress' VIP luncheon and reception. Approximately 1000 community stakeholders and neighborhood council members attended the event throughout the day. CITY OPERA's Director, Sean Bradley, addressed the congress and invited members from the more than 90 certified neighborhood councils throughout Los Angeles to partner with CITY OPERA in its local educational programs and community redevelopment initiatives. 

CITY OPERA's on-going relationship with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment enabled a special musical performance to unite diverse constituents and build community during the Mayor's Budget Day in 2009.

CITY OPERA believes the arts are central to civic identity.  Smart civic leaders understand, too, the arts are a powerful tool toward communicating the beauty and relevance of multiple cultures, and are an effective means toward dissolving unproductive agendas of interest groups within them.  Nothing builds community like the arts.

CITY OPERA Wows Kids at Liberty Elementary in Southgate, an All American City

Before embarking on a world tour with legendary rock guitarist Steve Vai, CITY OPERA was fortunate enough to connect with U.S. Fiddling champ Alex Depue. Mr. Depue,as well as local rock and jazz icon Robert Anderson from String Project L.A., amazed kids and teachers alike with their brilliant and electrified playing, and by demonstrating the relevance of these instruments in contemporary music. Chinese gu zheng virtuoso Bei Bei He and harpist Andrea Puente rounded out the day, drawing multicultural connections to string music from around the world. Mr. Depue's solo arrangements of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes, and "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson brought the house down in uproarious applause.


CITY OPERA is unlike any other arts institution or live entertainment production company in Los Angeles. Featuring one of the best and most eclectic rosters of classical, crossover, and world music, dance, and theatrical performing artists in the city, we turn special places into special events, and special events into unforgettable and engaging occasions. Educational entertainment—"edutainment"—is central to what we do, whether on stage in an arena of 20,000 fans or a "cafetorium" of 200 students, if you're looking for a way to make how you live, work, learn, or play more culturally valuable, beautiful, and diverse, you found it!

CITY OPERA is so much more than an opera company! We started off by producing opera almost 10 years ago, and quickly became one of the most unique, diverse, and exciting performing arts companies in L.A.—a cooperative social enterprise featuring some of the most creative talent from around the globe.

Our goal is to transform your community into a culture of personally meaningful collaboration, international awareness, and positive, open-ended change. We're working hard to redefine the role of the arts,entertainment, and education in our neighborhoods and in contemporary society at large.

Committed to our social contract to change the world by changing our home, CITY OPERA's artists donate a significant portion of their income to global charities, most often based in their country of origin. CITY OPERA matches the generosity of its artists with direct contributions to local charities based in L.A.

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